the International Commercial Arbitration Center- Najaf

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the International Commercial Arbitration Center- Najaf

Vision: Due to the economic development, the global technology and the information and communication revolution in the third millennium, and their impact on the overall local and global economies,


  the contractual relationships and investments and their resulting disputes requires to be solved away from the local judiciary and its long procedures to save time and effort.
Pursuant to the parties of the contract management and conflict, came the establishment of the International Commercial Arbitration Center- Najaf to fill a major vacuum in Iraq in the resolution of disputes arising from international trade contracts and investment contracts (domestic and international) and to be a strong support to the process of justice inside and outside Iraq through Arbitration.


The International Commercial Arbitration Center- Najaf seeks to:

1. Resolve disputes arising out of trade contracts and investment contracts locally and internationally.

2. Reducing the financial losses incurred by the Iraqi companies and individuals in disputes when restoring to the foreign centers of arbitration.

3. Attracting business and foreign companies to invest in Iraq's reluctance to resort to the local judiciary in the resolution of contractual disputes.
4. The development of arbitration knowledge by individuals, companies and Iraqi institutions for the importance of arbitration in resolving disputes arising from commercial contracts and investment with less efforts and shorter procedures.

5. Support and develop the process of the Iraqi justice by arbitration.


The International Commercial Arbitration Center- Najaf aims to:

1. To be a pioneer in the field of international arbitration within and outside Iraq, through coordination and cooperation with international arbitration centers.

2. Attract businessmen and Iraqi and Arab companies to resolve their disputes at the Center for Najaf, instead of resorting to foreign arbitration centers with large financial losses incurred.

3. Setting Policies, plans and programs for the development of legislation and arbitration rules that govern and regulate commercial and investment contracts in Iraq.

4. Publishing a periodic journal specialized in international commercial arbitration.

Activities areas of the center:

I: Commercial Arbitration (local & international):
During the developments of global technology, information and communication revolution, and globalization; the world has become one village, thus affecting the process of international investment disputes arising from contracts, domestic and international, and became international arbitration to resolve such disputes – as a juridical way- necessary, and the Najaf center is willing to be the pioneer in Iraq and the neighbor countries and the world with its methods and its terms of arbitration, in addition to the distinguished elite of international arbitrators and experts that we have.

II: Consultancy:
The center have a privileged elite of experts and consultants in law, engineering, construction, business and feasibility studies for the establishment of projects and investments and thus the center can provide consultancy in various domains and all the credibility and mastery and creativity of the Iraqi, Arab and investors.

III: Training:
The ICACN was established under the care of the Najaf Chamber and with the support of the International Center for Law and Arbitration (ICLA) / The Hague – the Netherlands, and a logistic support and technical and professional cooperation with the Arab Foundation for Training, Consultancy & Arbitration (AFACT) / Beirut –Lebanon, the ICACN with coordination and cooperation with AFACT can organize and implement training programs, seminars and conferences to provoke the arbitration thoughts and to develop the performance and skills of the manpower of companies and institutes in both sectors (Private / Governmental) within and outside Iraq.

Arbitration Process :
Arbitration Process in the Center:
The ICACN works under the rules of international commercial arbitration that ensure integrity, transparency and justice to the parties of the conflict.
The rules of arbitration in the ICACN are the same as the rules in other arbitration chambers, in addition to taking into consideration the domestic legislation and laws in Iraq and Arab countries and compatible with the rules of the UNCITRAL and the arbitration decisions of the ICACN have a legal power (force) that can be implemented inside and outside Iraq for the parties of the conflict.
Arbitration and Arbitrators fees:
The charges and fees are explained in the chart of charges and fees attached to the rules of the arbitration of the ICACN, and it is worth to mention that the arbitration fees are modest compared with those in other arbitration centers.

Model Arbitration :
Model Arbitration clause:
The ICACN recommends the parties when singing up contracts to include the following condition:
“Any dispute or controversy arising from this contract and related to it, will be settled by the ICACN under its rules, by one arbitrator or more that are selected in accordance to these rules.”


1- Engineer Zuhair Mohammed Ridha Sharba.

2- Engineer Haidar Hammoody Al-Ethary
1st Vice chairman

3- Engineer Abdulkareem Joudy Rfaish
2nd Vice chairman

4- Isma'eel Abdullah Rasool Al-Shimerty
Board member

5- Engineer Ali Mehdi Abdullah Sharba
Board member

6-Engineer Wasfi Abdulsahib Al-Maliky.
Board member.

7-Engineer Makky Shaker  Al-Fahham
Board member

8- Sadi Isma'eel Mohammed Hasan
Board member

9-Imad Abdulhussein Hameed Zwain
Board member

10-Abdulmehdi Salih Mehdi Al-Muthaffar
Board member

11-Jameel Jaafar Oudah

12-Mahdi Salih Hameed

13- Hamid Lafta Zghair







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