Al – Hira

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South of Euphrates and about 10 Km from the river, the historical city of Al – Hira is. Today, it is now belongs to Al – Manathera Qada, which belong to Najaf province. Al – Hira was the capital of Lakhmens (the kings of Al-Manathera).

It is said that its name is Aramaic and means (the city and passers); and it is said that the name is derived from Serianic word (Herta) and means (camp and site). The inhabitances of Al – Hira are Arab and Iraqis and they were Christians. Their language was Aramaic. Some references claims that the first Arabic language was found in this area then it was spread in Arabia. Al – Hira has many great poets like Omro'a AlQais and Al – Nabigha Al – Thebiany.

 Al – Hira was ruled by about (33) kings. The first was Malik Bin Fahim and the lst king was AL – Nu'aman Bin Al-Monther (580 – 603 A. D.) and he was the lst king of the Lakhminian kingdom. The rule of Al – Manathera continued for (633 years and eight months). The state becomes weak when Al – Kufa City appeared. There are many sights and ancient monuments like Al – Ablaq, Bin Balila,        Al - Adseen, Al – Khwarnaq, Al – Sadeer, Sindan, Al Atheeb, Al – Abyad Mansions and others a lot. Also, Al – Hira was famous with its monasteries like Deer Al – Athara, Hanna  Al – Sagheer, Hanna Al-Kabeer, Hind Al – Kubra and other monasteries. Yaqoot Al-Hamawi mentioned these monasteries in his book Mo'ajam Al-Buldan.

    The total area of Al – Hira (with the villages) is about 133 Hectare. Its population is about (55.000) persons. Al – Hira has many mosques (about 14 mosques), this number includes the mosques in villages in Al – Hira like Al-Rumaytha, Albo Khareef, Al-Siniya, Al-Desm, Al-Radawiya, … etc

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