Reasons for belonging you to Najaf Chamber of Commerce

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Reasons for belonging   you to Najaf  Chamber of Commerce

Although it is an independent, non-governmental organization and ranging membership costs them between 80000 and 650000 dinars, almost as well as the association has not mandatory in principle, but the number of its members until the end of 2013 reached about 52000 a member of the merchants from various disciplines.

So What is the motivation that makes the merchant and businessman belonging to the Chamber of Commerce and pay a fee per year?

We met with Mr. Jalil AlTuraihi director  of Najaf Chamber of Commerce and we asked him  this question   and he was  answered the following: 

 Chamber of Commerce is a professional economic organization with legal personality and financial and administrative independence, represented by Chairman of the Board of Directors or his nominee.

Chamber of Commerce aims to organize and developing economic activities .also sponsor the  chamber members .  the Traders community, businessmen and companies  can belonging to the Chamber annually according to a mechanism defined by the Council Chamber of the management and the rules of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce.

Traders, businessmen and organizations identified by Chamber on the following things:

 1. The exchange rate and the volatility in the currency , also  identify the foreign and domestic markets ,and knowledge metals prices such as gold and other

2. Viewing and facilitate access to bank loans

3. provide traders for definition letter  and support letter to the  government and foreign entities

 4. knowledge of goods allowed to be imported and exported, and assistance in obtaining import licenses.

5. Assistance in obtaining visas for various countries around the world

 6. Follow-up book trade name for various commercial activities and products and goods

7. participation in exhibitions, conferences and seminars trade and economic inside and outside Iraq

8. Registration of trade names in the commercial register of companies, factories , bureau, shops, pharmacies and hair salons.

9. issuing certificates of origin for Iraqi goods and ratification documents for commercial dealers and written by committees of its members and others to detect the money and the designation of experts for the courts and government departments.

10. determine the Financial efficiency and  organize guarantees to the  members.


The general functions of the Chamber of Commerce can determine by the following points:

 • Study the business situations and suggest  the processors aimed to develop  it within the limits of their competence

• Identify varieties traders on the basis of the financial capability and the level of business and reputation in the commercial community and the nature of  Volume of work

• Issuing the publications which aims to Deployment of commercial awareness among commercial traders and raise the professional advancement of them

• the announcement of the activities of foreign and local companies and it specializations 

• issuance of commercial business directory containing the data base integrated  for companies and merchants and business owners with their addresses and their specialist

• Identification of custom and habit prevailing in commercial affairs within the geographical area

• Contract a memorandums of understanding with Arab and foreign chambers of commerce and with embassies and consulates for the purpose of trade

• organize training courses for the development of staff who are working in the tourism  sector through Tourism    Development  Center and  professional training  courses through  the Business Development Center

•  provide facilities and assistance to the researchers and academic studies


what is the Terms of membership of the Chamber of Commerce?

Itemize the rules of procedure of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce membership conditions of the Chamber in Article XVII of it, as follows:

First: Iraqi trader a natural person or legal entity can be belonging to the Chamber of Commerce whom commercial location within their respective domains.

Second, the trader  not allowed  him to belong to more than one chamber  at the same time.

Third, Affiliation allowed to the trader who resident in Iraq who holds the nationality of one of the Arab countries after obtaining the approval of the Union, taking into account the principle of reciprocity with the exception of this Arab investor principle and in accordance with Law No. (46) of 1988.

Fourth: affiliation real estate trader accepted into the chamber and  paid   subscription fees in accordance with the provisions of the State Law No. (85) of 1987 and the regulations issued there under.

Fifth . required to apply for membership to the chamber offers the following:

1.        To be a trader have practitioner in trade in a special place and taken his usual craft.

2.        have to be  Iraqi citizenship or who holds the nationality of one of the Arab countries who residing in Iraq.

3.       have to be  a trade name registered in the commercial register at the chamber  whom commercial location within their respective domains.

4.      Have a current account with one of the approved banks branches and his known to this bank .

5.      Must enjoy legal capacity or metaphorically from the competent court to practice the trade business .

6.     not to be Doomed to bankruptcy and did not to him rehabilitated.

7.      to recommend from two members of the Chamber members will be, one of the members of Class III and above from   the chamber varieties.

Sixth: not allowed  to  accept membership who  Written off from the membership of the chamber  Based on the request again until a year after the date of cancel his registration . If there are guarantees by which requested the deletion of his name, is required to accept the cancellation of membership that provides the sponsor instead of him to be replaced in guarantees, which had organize


 Wrote: Mohammed AlMomin

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