The Indian ambassador from Najaf Chamber : "we will issue visa for Iraqi Businessmen in one day only".

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The Indian ambassador from Najaf Chamber : "we will issue visa for Iraqi Businessmen in one day only".



Chairman of Najaf Chamber of Commerce Eng. Zuhair Sharba discussed with the Indian ambassador in Baghdad, Mr. George Raju the business relations between Iraq and India, during the visit of Ambassador to Najaf chamber the meeting also attended by members of the board and director of the chamber and a number of businessmen and investors in Najaf  .

Sharba focused on  the commercial relationship between Iraq and India, describing the nature is good and free from political complexities,

Sharba also called for investment the movement of Iraqis for treatment in India and the establishment of developed hospitals in Iraq run by Indian medical staff .

The Indian ambassador expressed his delight for his presence in the province of Najaf and considered it a breach of the isolation of the embassy in Baghdad for the central and southern provinces because of concern the security.

Mr. George Raju heard from businessmen and investors to a number of obstacles that prevent the development of trade between the two countries,

One of the most important topic of the visa and the lack of commercial exhibitions of Indian goods by allowing Iraqi traders know all Indian products and see the best and finest qualities away from brokers.

In response to these obstacles and problems Ambassador promised that it will be only day to obtain an entry visa based on recommendation from Najaf Chamber of Commerce .. It was also agreed to set up a gallery for Indian companies in Najaf, allowing for a direct relationship between the Iraqi and Indian merchants.


Iraqi businessmen were also invited to the opening of offices they tire of their companies in India, which provides a direct relationship between the parties, which are working with major international companies today .. Mr. Raju  promised to provide opportunities for the training of Iraqi cadres in India through Najaf Chamber of Commerce.

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